PokerStars Bonus Code & Marketing Code

An Introduction to the PokerStars Bonus

The PokerStars bonus for new players is one of the most complicated to understand, but it is also one of the simplest to redeem – once you get your head around it – due to the extended period of time you receive to earn the VIP Player Points (VPPs) needed to clear it.

VPPs are awarded to you when you contribute to the rake deducted from a pot in cash games or pay a fee to enter a sit n go or multitable poker tournament. However, the way in which PokerStars allocates VPPs is complicated in itself, so we have dedicated a separate section to this below.

The PokerStars new player bonus is applied to your first three deposits made within 60 days of registering an account – which is great if you are a player with limited experience or a limited budget – and you receive 120 days (from the date of your first deposit) to earn the VPPs to clear as much of it as possible – if not all!

Each of your first three deposits must be made using the appropriate PokerStars bonus codes, and these vary according to the currency in which you make your deposit – so that is where we will start.

PokerStars Bonus Codes

PokerStars accounts can be funded in Canadian or US dollars, €uros or £ Sterling. You can play at tables or enter tournaments which have a buy-in in a different currency, and PokerStars will convert your winnings back into the currency that you account is funded in at the same rate of exchange at which you bought in.

However, there are different PokerStars bonus codes (and different bonus amounts) depending on your currency of choice. It is always recommended that you fund your account in the currency of the funding source (i.e. in £ Sterling if you are using a credit card drawn on a UK bank to fund your account), and these are the different PokerStars bonus codes to choose from:-

  • If your account is funded in Canadian or US dollars, use the code STARS600 on each of your first three deposits to be eligible for a 100% PokerStars bonus up to $600.00
  • For €uro accounts, you should use the code EURO500 to get a 100% march bonus on your first three deposits up to €500.00, and
  • For accounts funded in £ Sterling, use the code STARS400 to qualify for a 100% bonus up to £400.00 on your first three deposits within 60 days of registering your account.
  • Please note that the €uro and £ Sterling bonus amounts may change as the US dollar gets weaker or stronger.

Increments of the PokerStars New Player Bonus

The PokerStars new player bonus will be released into your account in increments of $10/€10/£10 as you collect a predetermined number of VPPs. These “milestones” also vary according to the currency that you have funded your account in, and are subject to change depending on the performance of the US dollar.

For example, if you funded your PokerStars account is Canadian or US dollars, you will receive $10.00 of your PokerStars new player bonus when you have collected 200 VPPs. If your account is funded in €uros, you do not receive your €10.00 increments of the PokerStars new player bonus until you have collected 250 VPPs and each £10.00 increment of a £ Sterling is released into your account when you have collected 300 VPPs.

How are PokerStars´ VPPs Awarded?

VPPs are awarded at different rates in PokerStars tournaments and PokerStars cash games. In PokerStars tournaments, you receive VIP Points at the rate of 5.5 VPPs for each dollar – or part thereof – paid as a fee to enter a tournament (7 VPPs for each €1.00 in fee paid and 8.8 VPPs for each £1.00 in fee paid).

In cash games, the rate at which PokerStars award VPPs depends on the stake level you are playing at and how many seats the table has. There are also upper limits to the amount of rake PokerStars will deduct from a table in any one hand, so if – for exampleyou were playing at a $0.05/$0.10 6-Max NL Texas Hold´em table, and the pot grew to $100.00, PokerStars (who charge a rake of 4.5%) would only deduct $2.00 from the pot in rake and allocate 11 VPPs among the players who contributed to the pot.

Stake Levels

Nº of Seats

VPPs/US Dollar


VPPS/£ Sterling
















$0.10/$0.25 +

8 or more




$0.10/$0.25 +

up to 7




Tips for Clearing the PokerStars Bonus

Even if you are only able to play online poker for a handful of hours each week, you should be able to collect sufficient VPPs to clear some of the PokerStars new player bonus within the 120 days permitted. Hopefully these tips will help you clear a little more:-

  • Deposit as much as you can comfortably afford on your first deposit. A bigger bankroll will allow you to play at a higher stake limit (if you are applying bankroll management to your account), which will enable you to collect VPPs at a faster rate.
  • Play fixed limit (FL Hold´em or 7 Card Stud Poker for example) and dual pot games (Omaha Hi Lo or 7 Card Stud Hi Lo) as these games tend to have more players paying to see flop which will result in more VPPs being awarded.
  • Play multiple full-ring tables at a lower stakes (even if you are applying bankroll management) rather than playing short-handed tables at higher stakes, as this presents a lesser risk of losing your bankroll and means you will get a better rate of VPPs per dollar.

What is a PokerStars Marketing Code?

Some people get confused over the difference between PokerStars bonus codes and PokerStars marketing codes. The PokerStars bonus codes are the ones you enter in the PokerStars cashier when you make your first three deposits. The PokerStars marketing code enables the company to track where their new players come from, so that they can allocate their marketing budget more effectively.

The PokerStars marketing codes have benefits for players as well, inasmuch as the more efficiently PokerStars spends its marketing budget, the more money is left over for promotions and bonuses. The more players PokerStars attract to its site will mean that more tables will be open and bigger tournaments will be hosted on the site with more valuable prizes.

Therefore, if you have not already registered a PokerStars account, use the PokerStars marketing code psa4610 when you are asked in the registration process How did you hear about PokerStars?

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